Paladins: PS4 & Xbox One

Paladins PS4 and Xbox One

Paladins has already made a tremendous impact on the PC gaming world since 2015. The game is rooted in a picturesque sci-fi fantasy universe. Champions are playable heroes that have their unique skills & abilities. The game is so popular that the Smite creator Hi-Rez Studios officially announced for two new series as the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in September 2016. Hi-Rez has announced console versions and opened beta registrations for both platforms. It is recorded that Paladins in its first ten days in early access has attracted more than one million players and hundreds of thousands logging in every day.

In the earlier days, it was launched on Steam, Hi-Rez went on to announce the control versions along with the beta regulations. In fact, a release date as far as the beta was concerned was not announced. One thing was sure that Hi-Rez was of the opinion that Paladins would be consistent with both the systems and this is keeping in mind with the console in mind from day one of the development as well.

The players can access to the PC version on Stream for free. Founder’s pack is also available on the market for $15- $20. Closed beta phase started on Nov 17, 2015. And officially it went into OB on Sept 16, 2016.

Closed Beta on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One was started on March 14, 2017. You can get instant access by purchasing the Founders Pack, or you can get the beta access code from

Paladins – Game modes

There are different game modes:

  1. Siege: It is the classic game mode. In this mode, the first team who reaches 4 points will be the winner of the game. To achieve this, each team must conquer the Map’s Command Point (CP) at first. As they capture CP, they get 1 point. Then the winner will push their Payload cart to the enemy base, and in reaction, the opposite team will defend it by moving it to their base. The winner over here is also rewarded with 1 point. There is another rule if a team has 3 points thus to stop the payload will not result to a point.

  2. Payload: This mode is all about the Payload part mentioned in Seige mode. Until the winner team reaches the enemy base, they push the cart through an extended course of rails. Those are in defense must stop them to enter their base at any costs. Instead, if the winning team doesn’t push the payload all the way to the enemy base, the defense will get a chance to do the same. The payload transfers to the defense naturally. Thus who wins will win the whole game.

The founder’s pack which is available for $15 on the PlayStation store gives the gamer a closed beta access which includes:

  • Every champion ever released.

  • A Paladins- themed skin for Ares in Smite on PS4.

  • Ten radiant chests, these chests contain cards, skins and more.

  • A Beta-exclusive skin collection and mount.

  • 72,000 essence to craft the cards gamers want.