All about Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon Y and X

In fact, Pokemon X and Y are quite similar games, which was created by Game Freak, and published by Nintendo Company. Nintendo distributes this game for Nintendo 3DS. It is the first installment in the sixth generation of Pokemon series of the role-playing games. In a game, players can customize the trainer appearance, skin tone, hair color and choosing gender. This game is available in all kinds of languages such as English, Korean, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian. Pokemon Y and X are faster, better and smarter than its predecessors but it has some fantastic 3d look and online social features.

Impressive features involved in Pokemon X

There are quite many reasons to play Pokemon Y and X such as explosive 3d battles, new features super training, and Poke Parler, explore the majestic new region and connect with players across the world. There are also few cool features, such as:

  • name changes,
  • transportation,
  • player search system,
  • trainer customization,
  • elite champion and four.

Fairy type attacks are mostly strong against fighting, dragon and dark types. With the help of trainer customization, a player can change their appearance in the game. According to the studies says that more than 72 new creatures are introduced in this game. Mega evolution is presented in the Pokemon Y and X, and it is the temporary in-battle transformation. This game might connect with Global link website, and it is mostly compatible with Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby versions.

In a game, you can communicate with the Poke bank that allows you to store your little friends. Finding our little friends is a difficult task, and all trainers must start with one Pokemon from a professor at their hometown. The player can find out the Pokemon is in the tall grass. Once you successfully encounter wild Pokemon, you can throw him into the battle. To catch one of our little monsters, you must weaken him or here by lowering it’s HP. Try to use a better type of the Pokeball so that you can quickly and easily catch strong pokemons. False attack false is having the capability to minimize the Poke HP. The player can encounter Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos in specific areas such as flower fields, tall grass, and water surface.

Practical information about the game

Articuno is the legendary creature which is having the capability to manipulate ice, and it can also freeze water particles within the air to make blizzards. The legendary Zapdos creature might operate lightning. Moltres can control fire and player must use some unique techniques to catch vast numbers of creatures. Zygarde is a legendary creature, which you can find in Kalos region, and it spends its life deep and unmoving within the dark move. Once you follow some tips, then you can catch almost every Pokemon easily, so that you can increase your winning chances.